Please report bugs in wenv in wenv’s GitHub issue tracker.

Please report bugs in Wine in the WineHQ Bug Tracking System.

Make sure to separate between wenv-related and Wine-related bugs.

How to bisect issues

You can drop a configuration file named .wenv.json into your current working directory or your home folder (/home/username) and add configuration parameters to it, for example:

{"pythonversion": "3.8.0", "winedebug": "warn+all"}

If you are running into problems, the best approach usually is to try older versions of Python such as 3.7, 3.6 or 3.5 first. Newer versions of Python use younger Windows APIs, which tend to cause more issues on Wine. If you change your Python version, you must initialize the new environment with wenv init.

If you suspect that Wine is at fault, you can access Wine debug channels for more information by setting the winedebug option. See the Wine documentation for details.

For more wenv configuration options check the chapter on configuration.

As an alternative approach, you can also investigate what happens if you run your code directly on Windows.